Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Depts. of Music and Computer Science

Anna Ursyn

Anna Ursyn, Ph.D.
Computer Graphics > Digital Media Area Head
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO 80639 

D-Art Interview:

1.     What inspired you to create this artwork? ​
This is a collaborative project. It is one of the series. We wanted to create coded images, music and text based philosophical content.

2.     Where do most of your creative inspiration come from? ​​​

Our work is based on research and exploration. We set each project as a challenge to experiment on connections between various sensory inputs to tell a story.

3.     How do you choose new ideas derived from the creative process? ​​​

We discuss them by exploring how visual, sound and text-based inputs can work together.

4.     Could you please talk about how you felt about the importance of your research applied to your art when you were creating? ​​​

This particular work combines research based on various disciplines. The music follows thought displayed in the video. The images selected are reflective of the vastness of cosmic space, and the human figure is abstracted to a simple representation of a random person.

5.     As an artist, what do you most want to tell the viewers? ​

Some ideas behind an input of information, related thoughts and mutual influence of visual and sound based content. The importance of elements and principles of design in art and in music and their mutual relationship.